Welcome to the Ange’s Dog Walking website. I hope that you will find all the information you need about the dog care service I am able to offer, but please do get in touch if you need more details, or wish to talk about your individual requirements.

Dog Walking

Your dog will be collected from your home and transported to one of the places we go to walk. After our approximately 60 minute adventure (everything's an adventure to a dog!) I will clean your dog as best I can, and return to your home - happy and ready for a snooze 'til you get home.
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I am able to visit your dog at home in order to let out, feed, play and generally provide some company. If you have a puppy, I will clean up, feed, play and do a bit of the training you've already started. In the case of an elderly dog, I will let out and just provide some company and cuddles in your absence. These visits are about 30 minutes and I will try to fit in at an appropriate time to break up your dog’s day.
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Day Care

I will visit your dog at home two or three times in the day - one of which will be to take out on a 'long' walk. I'll return later to take out again for a quick run and / or let out. I will also give your dog any meals which it has during the day. As with all the services I provide, I'll discuss yours and your dog's particular requirements and try to accommodate them.
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These are the basic dog care services I offer, but I am fairly flexible and happy to discuss and try to meet your own particular dog care requirements. Please do get in touch with me on 07798 830803.

By way of introduction, Ange’s Dog Walking is in its infancy as a business, as I have spent the last nearly 30 years or so working in an office environment. However, a couple of fairly major ‘life’ events in the last year or so have led me to take stock and make the leap to follow my heart and work with dogs. This photos shows 'the family' - my son, horse and, of course, the Spaniels!