Our Approach

Having had to juggle the many commitments which everyone has now - work, family, pets, etc., I can understand the stresses which you can experience as a dog owner; how do I fit in the walk?... who's going to feed? ... I have to work late and it's not fair to leave ... I can't take the dog to the wedding!! ... I hope that this is where I will be able to help you by doing the walk, feeding, visiting so that you can get on with what you need to do in the knowledge that your dog is getting the attention you want to give him/her.

It is obviously a big decision to allow a perfect stranger into your home and to look after your precious family member, and so before any arrangement is made, I would come and meet you (and your dog), discuss your requirements and get lots of information about your dog / s. I can provide you with sight of my insurance and disclosure certificates, and hopefully this meeting will reassure you as to my character and trustworthiness!!

Our Story

By way of introduction, Ange’s Dog Walking is in its infancy as a business, as I have spent the last nearly 30 years or so working in an office environment. However, a couple of fairly major ‘life’ events in the last year or so have led me to take stock and make the leap to follow my heart and work with dogs. These brilliant animals have always been in my life, with a variety of dogs being part of the family when I was growing up, to recent years when I have had the joy of owning a number of English Springer Spaniels. I have two currently, Louie and Lola.

I am loving what I'm doing now and aim to provide an excellent service to local dog owners where they can be confident that their special friend is receiving the care and attention they need. I want to say thank you at this point to a number of people who have really helped me to get here, namely, Dawn of Dawn's Dog Walking whose professional and practical advice and referrals has really helped me get this fledgling business off the ground; Ade (my old colleague and IT guru) whose pep talks and IT wizardry has been invaluable; Jo, my next door neighbour for her design / branding skills and expertise ( Of course, my friends and family have all supported me in this venture and I'm really, really grateful to them!