So that your dog will benefit from the stimulation of being with others, but to keep a degree of control in the pack, a dog walk will have about 6 dogs on it. If you give me specific permission, your dog will be able to run with others and be free to be a dog  – but we need to both be confident that your dog does have a well established recall. However, even if your dog does need to be on a lead, this doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to join in the fun – I’m getting quite adept at running with the pack after a ball!! Your dog will be collected from your home ( we will talk about access at our initial meeting) and transported to one of the places we go to walk. After our approximately 60 minute run, your dog will be cleaned off (as best I can) and returned to your home – happy and ready for a snooze ’til you get home.
If your dog is not able to take part in a group walk, or you would prefer it not to, then we can talk about your requirements and hopefully I’ll be able to provide some assistance for you.