Dog Walking

Your dog will be collected from your home and taken to one of the places we go to walk. We'll be out for about an hour during which time your dog will be able to socialise and generally have fun after which I'll clean him/her off (as well as I can!) and return him/her to your home.


I am able to visit your home in order to let out, feed, play (or continue your training) or clean up after your puppy - or you may have an elderly dog who just needs to be let out and just have a bit of a cuddle in your absence. These visits would be about 30 minutes and I will try to fit in at an appropriate time to break up your dog’s day.

Day Care

I will visit your dog at home two or three times in the day - one of which will be to take out on a walk. I will return later to take out again for a quick run and feed or let out. I will also give your dog any meals which it has during the day, and medication if you require. All of this will be arranged when we meet to set up this day care.